User !Commands:

!ai + Item ID [Adds item to your inventory]

!ac + Amount Of Coins [Add coins] 

!jr + Room ID [Teleports You To Any Room]

!pin + Any pin or Item ID [Changes Your Pin]

!goto + A Penguin Name [Goes To A User]

!clone + A Penguin Name [Clones A User's Clothes etc.]

!up + A Mascot Name [Changes Your User Into A Mascot]


!botup + A Mascot Name[Changes The Bot Into A Mascot]

!clone + Username Of Player ONLINE [You Clone That Player]

!kick + Username [Kicks that play]

!ban + Username [Bans That User]

!unban + Username [Unbans User}

!goto +  Username [Find the users and sends you there]

!summon + Username[Sends that user to you]


!pad + Message [Sends a message to everyone]

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